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Who are we

Mar Décor company for finishes, decor and Interfaces works, we in our company design and implement all types of decoration related to the external facades of shops, companies, government institutions and malls as we specialize in all works of decoration and finishes and we implement all types of decorations for apartments, villas, shops, restaurants, offices and buildings with the latest international decor at affordable prices for all Levels We have done many works of finishes and decor as a Hashemite stone for both villas and apartments

 And all works of interior and exterior decoration and we also do: -

 Finishing the facades of the villas - ceramic - alumetal

Industrial Stones (Hashemi Stone - Pharaonic Stone)

Gypsum destinations - stainless fronts - 3D poster - we do PVC

Executing all kinds of roofing works (Gypsum Board - Armstrong roofs)

Implementation of parquet flooring works

Finishing the facades of the homes with ceramics

Finishing modern electricity

Plumbing finishes

We have a team of the most qualified engineers who are proficient in the implementation and work of internal and external finishing items and cladding works and the finest designs at reasonable prices for all levels