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Alumital / PVC


Mar Decor Company presents the latest Alumital / PVC works for the year 2018

Mar Decor Company for finishes and decoration offers all the work of Alumital and PVC and provides the best types of Alumital, but let's explain to you what is Alumital and PVC, they have the same use and one way and almost the same shape and specifications of the glass but there are differences in terms of the material of industry and some customers will wonder What is the difference between Alumital and PVC in recent times, many forms of these modern industries and types of Alumital glass have spread, and some of the customers have turned to use these industries because it's better than wood and newer if you want to own a beautiful house you must use any of them

Alumetal or PVC window opening systems:

Articular system

sliding system

tipper windows system

The best types of glass used in the  Alumetal or PVC

1. Transparent glass: It has a dark layer to reduce the sun's rays.

2. Frosted glass: - This type of glass is completely obscured vision.

3. Reflective glass: -  glass reflects a layer of sunlight, which prevents seeing behind the glass in the daytime, but it is a detector at night in terms of the interior lighting of the place, it cannot block the view.

4. Crystal glass: This glass will obscure vision like frosted glass 

5:Double glass: This type of glass will be one of the best types of glass as it consists of two glass panels that isolate sound and heat.

6.Alumital crystal glass

Comparison between the types of Alumetal and PVC glass

Many people are always confused between the best types of alumital and PVC, which is better and what the difference between them as the two sectors are considered of the same thing in terms of the general shape and layers of glass and sound insulation, but there are many differences between them and we will talk about these differences in detail.

   Sound insulation: PVC comes first in terms of tremendous ability to completely isolate sound, while alumital is not able to permanently isolate sound.

  Heat: Here the PVC also comes better than counterpart, as it can completely isolate the heat. Alumital does not isolate heat as much as possible.

 Moisture: The PVC strip resists moisture much better than alumital.

Shelf life: The PVC sector has a much longer shelf life as it can work for a longer period and is able to resist changing weather conditions, rain, and water in general

Maintenance: This part is one of the most important things that people search for before buying anything of uses. Maintenance is very rare in PVC.

This we may have talked about the difference between alumital and PVC in detail and does not prevent my dear client that the alumital sector has no significance but rather is one of the huge industries that you can rely on and install.


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