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electricity works


Dear customer, you have reached the right place in order to get what you want from high quality and low prices, it is difficult to combine the finest raw materials and the most efficient results with the lowest prices in one place, but with Mar Decor it differs,

know Mar Decor services that combine quality, efficiency And low prices, through the following: -

Professionally establishing extensions of public electricity cables, as well as subsidiaries, and also provides some additional work that consists of establishing a fire alarm place, a TV line, and a cable cable. These services are determined according to the customer’s desire ... 

 Electrical outlets and switches of all kinds (stools), internet outlets, and supplying and locking control panels of all kinds.

Mar Decor provides free inspection service to our valued customers that aim to analyze the area of ​​the place, and the exits and entrances it needs to complete the process in a highly efficient way ...

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