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  Installing and making all kinds of suspended ceilings 2019

Many people choose beautiful shapes for suspended ceilings, but it is difficult to choose the  shape from a suspended ceilings for space, but after the ceiling has been installed, it is noted that the shape does not fit at all with the space, you must first choose the appropriate company to carry out the work of suspended ceilings and we working in our company  on a drawing Principle before anything for spaces and places to install suspended ceilings, We make 3D designs to ensure that the suspended ceiling is proportional to the area

Shapes and types of suspended ceilings for 2019

Many shapes and types are using in suspended ceilings, and you should know what these shapes are before starting to use suspended ceilings. The most prominent of these types are: -

White: This type is used in  receptions decorating plasma screens with gypsum, rooms, and roads

Red: Red is used in hotter places or places with a high temperature in it, such as restaurants, kitchens, cafes, and can also be in home kitchens.

  Green: This type is also used in kitchens and bathrooms, as it resists moisture factors

Mar Decor Company is distinguished in the works of suspended ceilings, our company we make a 3D drawing of the place before starting any work to visualize the place after installing the suspended ceiling and the good shape for it because many people are choosing a suspended ceiling in a very wonderful and beautiful and when they do a composition they notice that it does not suit With the place where the different areas are lost, they lose the decorative shape they want. The choice must be made according to the area. We are in Mar for finishing and decorative works. We are distinguished in this activity, where we have the best engineers specialized in suspended ceilings.

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