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Grc facades


 The largest decorative companies in GRC facades for homes, villas and palaces

Before you start finishing the facades of your home with GRC and villas, you should know what GRC  components, GRC is a substance used in many homes and destinations of villas and palaces and has recently spread and it works on the decoration of villas and palaces, owners of villas and palaces who enjoy this modern decoration are characterized by very distinctive designs and unique in terms of luxury and sophistication, modern building facades and GRC is a material mixed with cement, sand, fiberglass. Finishing and decoration companies must be chosen in Egypt. Mar  Decor biggest companies in Egypt
Learn about the advantages of GRC and the design of facades of buildings
-The most important characteristic of GRC or decorations GRC, in general, is the high flexibility that it enjoys and facilitates the implementation of all designs work, especially designs that contain engineering forms that are used in mosques in short Islamic designs, as well as engraved decorations and all external decors , can be used as facades villas  in the implementation of all types of finishing of the external facades

  - The paint is relatively all kinds, so you can use any kind of paint.

-GRC facades have very high strength and hardness compared to other materials that are used in the facades where it is installed with an iron structure to install the GRC panels according to the designs required to be implemented.

-GRC can implement the sizes and areas in the designs without adding connections and parts

The biggest disadvantages of the GRC facades during the implementation of the facades

In spite of the many features that characterized the GRC façades and GRC works, they have drawbacks and one of its costs more than materials that are used in the creation of exterior facades and interiors. Gypsum board and stones used in exterior designs and facades are less expensive but need to designers who are proficient in exterior designs because no ordinary designer can use these tools in exterior décor.

As for the other defect that was taken, it requires a large time in the work of external decoration compared to other materials, but it is also an advantage, as this time that is used for casting GRC panels in iron structures to be transported and after that, they are installed and in the last uses the desired paints after installation.

These defects are the most important defects that characterized the GRC, but you must choose specialized designers in this field because one of the biggest defects that can meet you in the installation is cracks that appear after installation and the designer is the owner of this game, you must choose the appropriate company in this field before choosing GRC facades 

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