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Parquet flooring


Dear customer, before you go to wood flooring and HDF wood defects, you should get acquainted with the types of wood flooring parquet, there are many of these types.

Here are the most important types of wood flooring parquet: -

Parquet floors: - This type is the most common in selection, as it combines elegance and luxury and is characterized by high quality and superior parquet wood floors as it consists of more than a layer of wood and be of beech wood or oak wood and resists moisture and the most important advantages and disadvantages of HDF wood that it is one of the most beautiful Shapes that give the floor a beauty and can be installed simply and are among the cheapest types of wood flooring.

HDF Parquet: - This type of wood flooring is borrowed under the name HDF Parquet. It is made up of similar layers to wood, but the panels are made of wooden fibers. As for the outside, it is printed in the form of wood segmentations and the most important advantages are that it is one of the cheapest costs . The prices of parquet floors differ. The difference in quality and defects of HDF wood is resistant to water, moisture and scratching, and the most important uses in bathrooms and kitchens.

Solid wood floors: - This type of wood flooring is the most prevalent in the past and it is traditional, but it has spread now in recent times as it is distinguished by valuable services and it is made of very thick wooden panels but it has many defects as it requires a great time in installation, but it is very expensive It does not resist water and you can treat this with a wood insulation agent on the surfaces

The most important features of parquet flooring

Parquet has many shapes, and you can choose between these shapes to suit your own taste, and you can shape in geometric shapes and mix between dark and light color 


Wood is a component of nature most used in interior design and keeping with nature because it is already part of it

The sparkle between dark and light color is given to the room in an extremely elegant style, even if the furniture is very traditional, it adds charm

There are many colors in the parquet more than the traditional brown color also combines natural wood with modern colors that are in line with this modern era, which has many colors

One of the most important features of wooden floors is that it can also be installed on the walls because this feature you can use and give a huge decor

At the end of the article, we were able to explain to those who do not know the difference between the types of parquet so that they can choose parquet floors HDF wood or ceramics or while avoiding the defects of HDF wood that very affect the floors of homes and elegant

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