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The latest types of finishing of the external facades with pictures


The facade of your home reflects your personality, your taste and your successful choice in decorations. The choice must be checked in the finishing of the exterior facades and today there are many types and forms of finishing the facades of homes with different materials that suit all tastes, whether finishing exterior granite or marble facades or plaster decorations facades or grc facades or others.External-business-destinations


Among the most difficult tasks that you must complete are finishing the exterior facades of your home and decorating works and there are several possibilities and options for finishing such as wood, bricks, stones and gypsum decorations and grc facades, as well as several options for paints: plastic paints, cement paints, ceramics, artificial stone of various forms and types. And its colors are pharaonic stone, Hashemite stone, carved cornices and gypsum facades

Finishing wood facades houses 

One of the distinctive things is finishing the facades of houses is the finishing. The finishing of the external facades of wood houses is characterized by  huge ability to thermal insulation in hot areas, as it is distinguished by elegant and luxurious shape, but the quality must be checked to avoid any loss or damage to the facade, usually the wood that works in the facades They are pine, teak and cedar which are painted and processed

Finishing the exterior with brick

Brick is defined as the basic material for building anything, as the shape is usual and beautiful, and it is characterized by flexibility and availability materials and its suitability for all categories of customers through the selection of decorative companies, finishes, gypsum decorations, interfaces, external facades, grc facades, and gypsum facades.Companies-finishing-destinations-apartments

So the presence of bricks in the façades of the house is normal and common, especially since the bricks are easy to combine with other materials to give a beautiful shape to the facade.

Finishing the exterior facades with stones

The stones are one of the most important finishing of the facades of homes and the most luxurious materials that are used in decorative finishing and construction works, where they were used in the past before the emergence of other materials such as gypsum facades and stones have now become more modern because they are one of the most important elements of decoration in the house, as they are characterized by its solidity, durability and longevity Especially if combined with other building elements such as stainless steel fence.


The stones have evolved these days to become more modern and fit the entrance of homes and give a sense of psychological comfort and calm so you can use it to add glow to your home and the shape of the house through the finishing of the exterior facades.

First: plastic paints in finishing

Although the decoration finishes companies in Egypt and the finishing of the facades of houses first of them is Mar Decor, very interested in panties and many decorative works, care must be taken to choose a good finishing contractor and a professional in the work of gypsum facades and house facades and gypsum decorations facades where in the case of using paints Plastic for facades, the type of paste should be good and the type of plastic contains a high percentage of acrylic to enjoy a soft-touch paint and a beautiful color, so careful choice must be made in the companies of decor and finishes or the contractor of finishes until the paint can withstand sunlight and pattern The quality is superior.External-finishing-company

Second: cement paints in finishing the facades

There are several types of decorative works of cement paints, some of which have a grainy texture, such as sand, among them the soft type and rough type. They are also distinguished by the multiplicity of their colors, and there are also many gypsum decorations, the most important of which are grc facades and also gypsum facades

One of the advantages of using cement paints is their ability to withstand sunlight and various weather conditions.

Among its disadvantages is that it absorbs the dust quickly and the shape may change and you can choose decorative and finishing companies through the company's previous work.

Third:  Ceramics in finishing

One of the most used types these days in decoration works. Finishing with ceramics is common in rural places and people prefer it because of the low cost, at least in the case of the second and third sorting, and everyone is accustomed to using it in finishing the walls of the kitchen and bathroom. Decor companies and finishes provide the ideal solution for customers.

Fourth: industrial stone finishes

Commonly used because of the ease of finishing and manufacturing and the diversity of the forms, the industrial stone is characterized by several sizes and shapes suitable for different facades decorative works for homes, and one of the defects is short life span as it does not absorb water because it is of an oily basis.

Fifth: The Pharaonic and Hashemite stone in finishing  facades

It is beautiful in finishing apartments with stones and is widely used in tourist villages and elegant luxury places where it has a special and distinctive style, and one of the advantages of using the Pharaonic and Hashemite stone in finishing the facades is long shelf life and ability to isolate sunlight and withstand different temperatures, as it fits all Tastes and disadvantages include high cost and not suitable for all customer categories.


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